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Unique Family Office Services to Fit Your Needs

At Lempert Family Office, we provide a unique family office service that fits your precise needs. Our proven and most advanced model combines peripheral financial review with strategic investments and tax planning. This gives you maximum return on your investment while giving you minimal exposure.

The increase in the number of wealthy families in Israel calls for professional family wealth and assets management. With years of experience in the industry, we help you preserve, grow and transfer your wealth to your future generations.

We conduct an open discussion with you and your family to fully understand your goals and needs. Based on this, we develop an investment plan and put it into action. Our experts handle all your family’s real estate and financial assets while making vital adjustments according to your precise needs, goals and wishes.

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Why Us?

Lempert Family Office supports high-net-worth families. We provide them with completely confidential, professional, and personalized family office or wealth management services. Our diverse experts serve as your brain, representative, and confidence for you and your descendants. We are professionals in the wealth-building process who offer expert insights and guidance at every step to help you make informed decisions.

How We Work

Through our family office service, we strive to serve you to the best of our capabilities. While developing our relationship with you and your family, we spend time understanding your needs and protecting your family’s capital. This starts with the human capital in the form of your family members. We value each family member’s individual differences, requirements, and capabilities to help and guide you according to your specific needs and goals.

In addition, we strive to understand your family’s intellectual capital to learn how your members communicate, learn new things and make decisions. Moreover, we spend time comprehending how your family builds its social and financial legacy through engagement and interaction with society and property.

Strategic Investment and Wealth Planning and Management

When we develop an understanding of your family’s needs and goals, we work with you to identify your financial objectives and available resources. Our family office expert works closely with your legal and financial advisors to help you develop a strategic wealth and investment management and growth plan. Moreover, we ensure the execution of that plan in the right direction.

Many wealthy families have several financial and investment advisors, but not one fully understands your family’s assets allocation or investments. We give personal attention to even the smallest details and carefully monitor your investments through our personalized family office service. We facilitate seamless and transparent information flow by providing regular customized reports to you and your family members.

Tax, Estate and Trust Planning

Our experts have up-to-date knowledge of the tax landscape of wealthy individuals. With strategic tax planning, we help you preserve your wealth, maximize assets and minimize liabilities. We achieve this while ensuring that you accomplish your philanthropic goals with taxes in mind.

Furthermore, we monitor and readjust your estate and trust planning to adapt it to your specific wealth transfer objectives. Our family office service also offers help with assets that require special analysis and coordinate with your estate planning lawyer to revise or develop documents accordingly. We monitor and manage your trust agreements distribution and compliance with various agreements to minimize your obligations of income tax.

Risk Management

Risk management is an integral component of any financial plan. At Lempert Family Office, we have extensive experience working with the leading insurance and security service providers who are experts in dealing with high net worth families. Our family office service investigates your risks and offers the best risk management solution for your family that mitigates those risks or minimizes them. Through our risk management, we ensure to protect your and your family’s assets in various ways.

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